Monday, February 04, 2013

Store Brand Microwave Popcorn

Yeah, I'm blogging about microwave popcorn. It's going to be one of those kinds of weeks.

I've found that store brand microwave popcorn is good enough compared to the name brands (Orville Redenbacher's, and...well, are there any other name brands?). So, that's what I get. I also usually get the light variety.

Now, with most grocery stores' store brand popcorn, even though the box has the store's name on it, the bags do not. The bags of popcorn themselves are truly generic; all they say is "MICROWAVE POPCORN" or something like that, and don't list any brand names on them whatsoever, including the name of the store. This is true with Target brand popcorn, certainly. The Kroger brand, however, is an exception:

The bag has Kroger's name on it! Wow! And I think their popcorn is better than Target's popcorn, too. More often than not, Kroger's name brand products are noticeably better than that of their competitors, and I think that's one of the chain's main strengths. I suppose that when you're a national mammoth conglomerate such as Kroger, you have the resources to make solid store brand products, much more so than smaller regional chains such as Lowe's Foods. Publix has a solid store brand product line, too, but I actually don't know if they can compete with Kroger in that regard.

Getting back to microwave popcorn: I wonder if Target, and other stores that sell completely generic bags of microwave popcorn, all get their generic popcorn from the same few places. I suppose I could go to all the area grocery stores and beyond, buy a box of store brand microwave popcorn from each, and compare the packaging, to see if Piggly Wiggly's popcorn is exactly the same as Winn-Dixie's popcorn, for example. But...I won't be doing that. Maybe in my younger days, I would have.

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