Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Marbles Kids "Museum"

Normally I ride my bike on Saturday mornings. But when it's raining...well, then, I guess I'm stuck spending time with my family.

So, we went to Marbles Kids Museum. We heard that it was a great place to go, even for children as young as Marla. Confirmed! (She's going on 19 months now, by the way.) The "Museum" isn't really so much a museum, as it is a "large children's play area with educational content dispersed throughout". Well, I guess that's what a "kids museum" is supposed to be, right?

Drop Marla down, let her roam free throughout the museum, and where does she go first? After not really being completely sure where to go at first, she eventually stopped and played with ... a calculator! I love this girl.

After that, we went to ... the fake telephone booth! But Marla had to wait her turn, though. (Basically, anything with buttons is a hit with her.)

Next up: the fake grocery store! (Sponsored by Lowes Foods.)

Silly Marla. You can play with empty plastic bottles at home! (And she does. Oh yes.) Eventually she did settle on a potato, however.

Then, a little more wandering around, and a stop at the area specifically made for toddlers (under age 3), and it was time to go home and nap. (I'm not just talking about Marla here.)

So, that was fun. It was also fun to see a mass of young parents and their similarly-aged kids all in one place. That's a highly underrated aspect of parenting, I think - the interaction with other parents, even those you've never met before and probably won't ever meet again. Having a kid is a great conversation starter, it turns out, and that's something that really comes in handy for the socially awkward among us.

If one of us were a stay-at-home parent, we would probably get a membership and go to Marbles on a weekly basis, because it's a great place for kids of all ages. (Well, 12 and under, I guess.) But instead, we'll stuck with the occasional rainy Saturday morning.

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