Friday, February 08, 2013


Marla loves crayons. Many kids do.

We haven't bought any crayons specifically for her yet, because Amber still has a good selection of crayons from her youth. But when Marla finishes scribbling with and/or eating all of them, and it comes time to buy some more, we're going with Crayola, right? Of course. Why wouldn't you?

Every now and then you see "RoseArt" crayons pop up somewhere, like in schools. (Because, you know, schools are cheap.) I Googled "Crayola versus RoseArt" just to see what came up, and, well, it's universal: everybody prefers Crayola over RoseArt and the rest. In fact, many people are very passionate about this.

There aren't many brands out there that have such a chokehold on #1 in their respective disciplines as Crayola does. Why is this? Surely Crayola crayons are of better quality than the competitors, but are they really that much better? I don't know, but I think it comes down to this: choosing RoseArt over Crayola is a sure sign of being "cheap". I mean, why else would you buy non-Crayola crayons? Here's a quote that I'm particularly fond of: "If your parents never bought you at least the 64 count Crayola box with built-in sharpener, they didn't love you."

Don't worry, Marla, you're getting the Crayola 64 pack. If you're a good girl, we'll even take you to the Crayola factory! And you know, the Crayola factory (Easton, PA) isn't terribly far from Hersheypark, either. How's that sound for a fantastic kid-friendly vacation?


Spartangoogle said...

I can't recall but we MUST have gotten you a box of 64 sometime. I still have a pencil box of yours from elementary school that I keep crayons in at work for when I do my "Monopoly Regression" worksheet with extra credit if they color all of the properties correctly. "Can I check on my 'phone?" "No, you may not!"

Chris Allen said...

I definitely remember having a 64 pack at some point, although it may have been a hand-me-down (which still counts, by the way).

amber said...

Yes, they really are THAT much better. I would be a failure as an artist and a mother if I denied Marla the opportunity to use Crayola :)