Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cherie Berry

In every North Carolina elevator, you'll see the smiling picture of the state Commissioner of Labor, Cherie Berry. Evidently, elevator inspections fall under her domain, but the side effect of Berry's elevator omnipresence is that she's developed kind of a cult following.

I think it's also a tremendous advantage come election time to have your smiling photo in every elevator in the state. For instance, last November, Berry was the only Republican on the entire ballot endorsed by Durham's left-leaning Independent Weekly. How good a job is Berry actually doing as our Commissioner of Labor (an office she's held since 2001)? Well, as long as our elevators keep working, who cares?

On that note...I'm a bit concerned about the elevator at work. It says just above her picture there that the elevator's last inspection was over a year ago (2/14/2012). The inspection before that was 2/4/2011, which implies that the elevator is overdue for another inspection. In the meantime, is this elevator safe???

Okay, I'm not really concerned. How often do elevators really need to be inspected, anyway?

But what if you're in another state, outside the domain of the all-seeing Cherie Berry? You may have no idea how recently that elevator was inspected. Is that ignorance actually better, as opposed to knowing for certain that the elevator is overdue for an inspection? Probably.

Well, either way, I'm eagerly anticipating the day when the inspection record is updated. It could be any day now!

By the way, for the sake of public health, I highly endorse taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Especially if it's been over a year since the last elevator inspection.

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