Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dorky Bike Shorts

I ride my bike a lot, so I figured it was time to upgrade my bicycling wardrobe:

Up until now, I had been wearing padded mountain bike shorts, which - unlike these new ones - are baggier, don't look as dorky, and have pockets. I had also been wearing normal t-shirts and sweatshirts, which aren't as visible to drivers as this flourescent green shirt. The shirt also has pockets in the back, making up for my new shorts' lack of pockets.

Wow, that was a really boring paragraph. I guess the point I want to make is this: when some people take up a new hobby, they get all the top of the line "stuff" right away. But I don't do that. I ease into things very, very slowly. To each his own.

It took me 3½ years, and over 6,000 miles, to get a "real" bicycling shirt and shorts, thus making me look like a "real" cyclist. Now I have the wardrobe, and a good bike, too: no excuses now! But at this rate, I'll get around to finally trying clip-on bike shoes around the year 2020. (I do plan on getting a second bicycling shirt, a short-sleeeved version, in March or April, though.)

So, just to close the clothes topic: back-of-shirt pockets are more practical for bicycling than traditional shorts pockets. And, Amber reports that she can see me a lot better now when she drives by me on my bike-to-work mornings. Those are the two main differences here, besides just replacing an older pair of shorts with a newer pair of shorts.

Meanwhile, in my fictional Bicycling Trip in Australia, I'm still on the Nullarbor Plain (a.k.a. the middle of nowhere), but I am expecting to reach the Indian Ocean and complete my second cross-continent journey by the end of May. At which point, I will magically transport myself to Singapore and start heading west across South Asia (in a fictional sense, of course). Fun!


Spartangoogle said...

Maybe we can get you that second shirt for your birthday?

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