Monday, January 28, 2013

Curling Recaps: 1/11, 1/25/13

So, my original plan was to do a two-game recap here: one of a pickup game on January 11, and one of the league opener on January 25. However, the January 25 game was postponed due to weather. More on that later; first, let's get that preseason pickup game out of the way:

Career game #205: Pickup - January 11, 2013

End........... 123456 |TTL
Witcraft...... 020102 | 05
Allen......... 102020 | 05

First thing: we only had time for six ends because preseason pickup games often also involve a lot of additional teaching for new curlers. (Half of the curlers in Friday's games were brand new.) Now...normally, when the game is tied after the last end, we go to a shootout to decide the game. But we were already running late, and it was just a pickup game anyway, so this game goes down as my first tie out of 205 career games. Yay?'s better than losing! The other team had a takeout for three on their last shot of the game, but the shooter rolled out of the house, and instead it was just two. My biggest regret isn't how we played the last end, it's my just-missed, not-terribly-difficult double takeout in the 4th end.

I played Skip in this game, in part to see if it's something I might want to get back to doing in the league. Two observations: 1) having an experienced Vice helps a lot; and 2) I still have a hard time knowing what weight to throw when I'm standing at the other end of the ice all game long, so I should really start using a stopwatch when I'm playing Skip. Give me a stopwatch and an experienced Vice, I think I can do this.

Well, it turns out, I will be playing Skip in the coming league. Last Friday would have been our league opener, but last Friday also featured a minor ice storm, which iced over all of the roads, causing massive traffic jams and crashes and the like. So, we postponed the league opener one week. That's right: curling was canceled due to ice. I'm sure that makes us the laughingstock of curling clubs everywhere, but, well, you don't know what it's like down here! We've curled when it's snowing before, but icy roads make for a far more dangerous situation.

Actually, if we had any curling rocks of our own, we may have gone curling on our driveway:

I call this a "minor" ice storm because we didn't lose power or anything like that. I've still yet to experience that kind of ice storm in my time in North Carolina, the kind where you get a half-inch of ice on all of the trees and such. But, this amount of ice - a tenth of an inch or two - is plenty enough to drive everyone crazy around here and jam the roads. Lots of red and black on Google Maps traffic last Friday.

So, we'll give it a shot this coming Friday, and I'll have a stopwatch in hand.

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maplestar said...

I grew up in Canada and I can tell you that your canceling for ice is nothing to feel ashamed of. Snow, we dealt with. Freezing rain and ice on the roads? THAT is where we shut down and only ventured out if we absolutely HAD to.