Thursday, January 24, 2013


Watching reruns of old 1990s cartoons is nothing new for me, but lately I discovered that a network called "The Hub" was airing Animaniacs multiple times a day. Set your DVRs!

Rewatching a show that you watched 15-20 years ago, but haven't seen since, is an interesting experience. You get a much different perspective rewatching these things as an adult. And, it's interesting to see what I still remember after all these years, and what I don't. (For example, the episode "Potty Emergency" was particularly memorable for some reason. Pretty much every "Pinky and the Brain" short, too.)

Also: back in the 1990s, Animaniacs just seemed like a normal cartoon, because I watched a lot of "Looney Tunes" type stuff. But now, the "Looney Tunes" style is much more distinct. I'm not just talking about the cartoon violence (anvils, dynamite, etc), I'm just talking about the general zaniness of it all. It's hard to describe, but Warner Brothers cartoons all have similar elements. I think we need more "Looney Tunes"-style throwback cartoons, something for today's generation that someone like Marla can enjoy. (Animaniacs is very well done, I think, but there are too many 1990s pop culture references for it to be truly "timeless".)

Actually, this works out pretty well, because Marla is getting to the age where we need to be a little more careful regarding what we put on the television when she's in the room. No more violent and/or profane primetime dramas after dinner for us. (Well, Animaniacs is technically rated TV-Y7, but...meh. Close enough.) Now we just need Tiny Toon Adventures to pop up on some obscure cable channel, and we'll be all set.

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