Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One Two Tree (Or Whatever It's Called)

Lighted spiral Christmas trees are very popular lawn decorations these days. We see them everywhere, so much so that Amber and I even have a game related to them. (Basically, the game is who can spot them first.)

She's always called these things "One Two Trees", because apparently that was an old brand name for these things at some point. I think it's a catchy name, and I've adopted it myself, in the same manner that a tissue is a "Kleenex". We only apply the name to spiral, lighted, lawn ornament trees, though, not just any type of fake Christmas tree. "Spiral" is the key; double helixes also count, I think.

But is our name obsolete? When I Google "one two tree" or "1 2 tree", all I get are the website of a band of the same name, plus a bunch of tree removal services. Well, I don't care how obsolete a name is, these things will always be "One Two Trees" to me. Despite the fact that I've never actually seen the name brand itself anywhere.

We're not big on Christmas lawn decorations ourselves, but we did actually put up the tree this year. Yay!

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