Monday, December 03, 2012

Curling Recap: 11/30-12/2/12

My last curling post of the year (maybe)! Next Friday is the season-ending wacky rules curling, which I don't count as an official game. So, this is it. Two weekend games to finish out the year, and I needed to win at least one of them to keep my streak alive of having an above .500 record in curling every year since I started in 2007.

Career game #201: 2012 Fall League - November 30, 2012
(my team: K. Jackson)

End........... 12345678 |TTL
Lowden........ 30004210 | 10
K. Jackson.... 01120002 | 06

Lately I've gotten lazy as far as recording the end-by-end scores of these games goes, so I'm not 100% sure, about the order of these ends. Suffice to say, we gave up a big one early, and a big one in the middle, and that was that. Our main problem? Not getting enough rocks in the house. Funny how that works.

This was actually a 3-on-3 game, and so to speed things up, we only played 6 rocks per end instead of the usual 8. But somehow, we still only managed to get the usual 8 ends in before time ran out. How'd that happen?

With that, our team finished the season in 6th place out of 8, which isn't too bad when you consider that we lost our first four. I'd like to start the season over with the same team, because I really think that if we could have gotten all of us to the rink every week (and I didn't schedule a trip to Vermont in the middle of the season), we could have gone all the way! Or at least made the playoffs.

As far as how I feel about playing Skip versus playing Vice after spending a season back at Vice...I'll get to that.

Amber's Sunday League team had their bye week this week, and so she was nice enough to let me play as a spare on someone else's team, so that I could actually get to see the Sunday curlers for once. This is a symptom of having a club with two separate league nights: the Friday-only curlers and the Sunday-only curlers don't usually get to, you know, see each other.

Career game #202: 2012 Fall League (Sunday) - December 2, 2012
(my team: Zasowski)

End........... 1234567 |TTL
Zasowski...... 1101010 | 04
Hartman....... 0010202 | 05

Team Hartman was #2 in the league and, I thought, a strong favorite given that my team's usual Skip wasn't there that week. So, I thought we hung in there pretty well! Although, there was some luck involved. In the 2nd end, the other team was sitting two and going for three with their last rock...and ended up promoting one of our rocks into the house and giving us a point instead. Then, in the 4th end, our Skip Tim made an angle raise of sorts that wasn't really the call, but it was considered as a plausible outcome...either way, that was another "gift" point of sorts. Maybe I'd diagram that shot if we ended up winning the game, but instead...nah. (This is the last recap of the year, so excuse me for mailing it in a bit.)

My next game will (probably) be on New Year's Day, which will be fun. Then, the next season (probably) begins in late January, and I might have a decision to make. Do I stay at Vice, or do I give Skipping another go? Ordinarily I would just stay at Vice, but since the club is moving forward with its building plans, there isn't much benefit to learning arena ice strategy anymore. Dedicated ice curling strategy is completely different, so we'll all have to forget (most) everything we knew about strategy anyway and start over once we move into our building. So, why not give arena ice Skipping one last go? One more shot at glory, if you will?

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