Thursday, November 01, 2012

So Many Princesses

Yesterday was Halloween. Marla was a plumber, complete with mini-plunger:

Our day care hosted a little Halloween party of sorts last Saturday morning, and last night we went to our friends' neighborhood (where trick-or-treating is far more prominent than in our neighborhood) in Knightdale. So, we've seen lots of other kids in costume this week. And among the girls, there was a theme: lots and lots of princesses. At least half of them, I would think.

This trend is nothing new, of course. But now, we have a girl of our own. Is Marla going to want to be a princess for Halloween in a few years, once she's old enough to care?

That's okay if she does, of course, and I completely understand it. In kids' stories where the main protagonist is female, it's most often a princess of some kind. Little boys have plenty of male heroes to choose from, but girls' choices are a little more limited. There are princesses, and then there's everything else. On top of that, princesses get to wear frilly dresses, and that's fun, too.

But there's no guarantee that Marla will want to be a princess for Halloween in a few years. Amber never really wanted to be a princess when she was a kid. Also, so far, I think we've mostly steered clear of Disney-type stuff and have gotten mostly non-Disney toys, books, and the like for Marla. I say that because the princess meme is mostly a Disney thing, after all. This isn't us being "anti-princess", by any means; I just think the marketing that Disney does towards children is so good, it's actually borderline brainwashing. ("Anti-princess", no; "Anti-Disney", maybe.)

Well, regardless of who or what Marla wants to be for Halloween, we'll be happy to accomodate. (Provided we can do it for under $25. Or, $30 if she wants to be Princess Bubblegum.)

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