Thursday, November 08, 2012


I've held a strict no facial hair policy for over six years now, but this month, I'm making a temporary exception.

Once upon a time, perhaps as an answer to the wildly successful Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a bunch of guys decided to grow moustaches in November, or as they called it, "Movember", to raise awareness for men's health and prostate cancer, or something. Over the last couple of years, "Movember" has caught on like wildfire. In fact, this year, even I'm doing it!

My motives aren't really to raise awareness or money for men's health or anything like that. I just thought it would be fun, and something different. I had a full goatee for years back in the day, but I've never had the moustache-only look.

I last shaved my upper lip on the morning of October 31st, and I haven't touched it since. So what you see there is 8 days' worth of unshaven glory. Thing is, my upper lip hair doesn't grow near as fast as it does on my chin, and it actually took a full 7 days for anyone to notice or say anything about it. So I seriously doubt another 22 days will be enough to for me to approach the Shad Khan level of moustache awesomeness. But even when I had the goatee, I would keep the moustache portion trimmed relatively short, so we're entering uncharted waters here; I never let it grow unchecked for a full month like I plan to do here. So, we'll see.

Of course, I don't even know if I'm going to make it the whole month before I give in. Regardless, it will definitely be off by December 1st. (By the way, Amber has complete authority over this thing, although I'm assuming she won't want me to keep it long term. That's probably a safe assumption.)

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