Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Movember Fail

That whole "Movember" thing? Well...I'm a failure.

The moustache was itchy, uncomfortable, and it never really looked that good anyway, and it's not like I was actually trying to raise money for prostate cancer research. To be honest, I've been looking for an excuse - any excuse - to shave it off for the past few days. Last night, I settled on what I believe is an excellent reason to shave it off: "Because I want to." So, there you go.

A whole month is kind of a long time for someone who doesn't like facial hair (anymore) to grow and maintain a moustache. Credit to those of you who can pull it off. I didn't even make it halfway through the month!

Here's the final moustache pic, minutes before its demise. Two weeks of growth down the drain (literally).

See how much happier I look after I shaved it off? Yeah.

(Oh, and yeah, my hair always sticks out like that after I wake up.)

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