Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Travel: Thanksgiving 2012 Recap

Instead of doing our Thanksgiving driving on the crazy busy days of Wednesday and Sunday, this year, we drove on Thursday and Monday. How did it work out?

There was more traffic than I expected on both days, but there were no delays in either direction, and we posted some of our faster trip times, counting driving time only. That doesn't account for Marla-induced stops (of which there were quite a few yesterday), but the point is, Thursday and Monday are great days to do your Thanksgiving travel. And if Google Maps traffic info was any indication, Wednesday and Sunday lived up to my expectations.

But, there's also this. The advantage to driving on Wednesday or Sunday is that it's a fine excuse to take an alternate route, and that can be fun, too. So, I don't know if we'll be doing this every year.

And...there's this, too. Unless the local schools take Monday off, we won't be able to do the Thursday-Monday thing once Marla starts school in a few years. Keeping her out of school on the Wednesday before is one thing (if they even have school on that Wednesday anymore), because I doubt much gets accomplished at school that day. But the Monday after, it's "back to work". Jacksonville schools had Monday off, but only because it was a designated "hurricane day" that they didn't have to use. Pretty sure none of the local schools had Monday off. Marla is still four years away from kindergarten, of course, but when that time comes, driving on Sunday and taking routes like this may be our best - or at least most fun - option.

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