Monday, November 12, 2012

Curling Recap: 11/9/12

Career game #199: 2012 Fall League - November 9, 2012
(my team: K. Jackson)

End........... 1234567 |TTL
Mitchell...... 2010220 | 07
K. Jackson.... 0301004 | 08

Most of the game was very well played by both sides, but a slight edge in execution by the other team gave them a three-point lead entering the 7th end. (Due to time constraints, the 7th end was the final end.) And with that, we immediately skip ahead to the final shot of the game: (our team = yellow)

We had two, but we needed three for the tie and four for the win. It's more than just a simple take-out on the red rock because of the high probabilty of a "jam". So, I saw two options: 1) Draw to the right side of the four-foot circle and score three. 2) Try to hit the red rock head-on with enough weight so that the red rock and the #2 yellow rock behind it both spill, leaving the other two yellows plus the shooter = three points.

But, there is a reason I'm not playing Skip this season: not only would I have probably not made either shot, in fact, but neither shot was really the proper call, either. Instead, our Skip Kathy played for the win: hit the red rock at an angle such that the red rock squeezes between #2 and #3, and so that the shooter stays, giving us four and the win.

The rock waited until the last possible moment to curl, but she made it! I'm not exactly sure where the shooter ended up (I was more focused on the red rock), but we got four points out of it, along with the come-from-behind win. The other team seemed to be a little irritated by the sudden turn of events, and understandably so: I've been on both sides of those final shot heroics plenty of times. But hey, at least this one wasn't for the league championship.

By the way, despite the win, we were officially eliminated from league championship contention for this season. We've played well now that we've been able to have our entire team at the rink the last couple of weeks, but the first month put us too far behind in the standings to make a rally. (I didn't help matters by spending a week in Vermont in the middle of the season.)

Next week: career game #200!

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