Monday, November 19, 2012

Curling Recap: 11/16/12

Career game #200: 2012 Fall League - November 16, 2012
(my team: K. Jackson)

End........... 1234567 |TTL
Wright........ 0002100 | 03
K. Jackson.... 1110013 | 07

Going to keep it short today. The keys to victory:
- When most of us (both teams) missed, we were light, so most ends had lots and lots of guards out in front, most often before anything made it to the house. In the 5th end, we were still looking at an empty house when it was time for the Skips to throw. The ice was slower than normal, but not terribly so.
- Most ends, it was pretty much whoever could get behind the guards and into the four-foot circle first, won the end.
- Take-outs occasionally worked if there weren't guards in the way already, but given the "swingy" nature of the ice, a strategy relying on take-outs was not the way to go. So, it was a good week to face a Skip who likes throwing take-outs, I suppose. (Lucky us!)
- I wasn't feeling that well, but in the past I've played well when not feeling my best, so...I played well. Those points in the 3rd and 6th ends? Yeah, those were mine. I was hardly consistent with my draw weight, but like I said, all you had to do was be the first one to get a rock into the four-foot (provided there were already guards out in front). When I only have to make one of my two shots, we do alright; it's when I have to make both of my shots that my teams normally get into trouble.

The win puts us in the league's "5th place game" the weekend after Thanksgiving. This is the third consecutive league in which I've finished in the bottom half of the standings (6th/9, 8th/9, and now either 5th or 6th out of 8), but at least my "no last place finishes, ever" streak is still intact. Hooray!

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