Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Person County

I make kind of a big deal out of visiting as many counties as I can. But once I visit a county that first time, is there a reason for me to go back? In the case of Person County, apparently, no.

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My home county of Durham County shares a border with five other counties. Those other four (Wake, Orange, Chatham, Granville, Person). Wake, Orange, Chatham, and Granville, I've been to countless times. Person County, however...well, I can only remember four times in which I've gone there, ever: 1) On my way to Staunton, VA in 2006. (But not on the way back.) 2) On my way to South Boston, Virginia, for a round disc golf. (But not on the way back.) 3) On a bike ride earlier this year that started in Bahama (northern Durham County). 4) A couple of weekends ago when I went on a Sunday morning drive to fill in some gaps in my U.S. Routes Driven spreadsheet.

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(I just felt like documenting that drive. Documenting these things occasionally comes in handy a few years later.)

And, that's it. I can't think of any other trip to Person County, ever, even though it's, like, right there.

Why don't I go to Person County more often? Well, it's pretty simple: 1) There's nothing there, at least that I know of. There's the town of Roxboro, and...? 2) There aren't any major through roads there. There are no interstates, and the two U.S. Highways that pass through it, I rarely have a reason to take. If I'm going north towards Lynchburg, taking NC-86 and US-29 by way of Danville is a much better option than US-501 through Roxboro and South Boston. By the way, thanks to that Sunday morning drive a couple weeks ago, I've now driven every mile of U.S. Highway in Person County.

That said, it was kind of a nice drive through Person County the other day. But there are so many other places we can go. I just think it's kind of an interesting fluke that despite the many, many miles of driving we do, there's a county very close to home that I've only been to four times.

As for Marla...will she ever visit Person County? So far, she has not.

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