Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lowercase Letters

Now that I'm done blogging about the Vermont trip, I can get back to complaining about stupid things that don't really matter, such as...

This is Arby's new logo.. Aside from a new font, the big change is that the capital 'A' has been replaced by a lowercase 'a'.

Having an all lowercase corporate logo is trendy. Many companies have gone from ALL CAPS to only capitalizing the first letter (e.g. Walmart), but some are going all lowercase, including the first letter. One company Amber occasionally works with even insists that when you type out their company name, that you do so in all lowercase, even when it leads off a sentence.

I found this New York Times article from 2009, which sheds some light on the reasoning behind lowercase letters. Basically, it makes your company seem 'friendlier' and 'more approachable'. I'll buy that. NOBODY LIKES GETTING YELLED AT.

On the other hand...you should at least capitalize the first letter, right? I mean, didn't these people attend English class? Not that I ever go to "arby's" anyway, but now I'm definitely not going.

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