Monday, October 29, 2012

Curling Recap: 10/26/12

Another (relatively) long hiatus from curling - five weeks - is over. Back to the ice! Good timing, too, given that kickball just ended.

Career game #197: 2012 Fall League - October 26, 2012
(my team: K. Jackson)

End........... 12345678S |TTL
K. Jackson.... 101021010 | 06
M. Jackson.... 010300201 | 07

Despite the long hiatus, I actually played pretty well. I had my draw weight, and my aim was good...most of the time. After five years of curling, five weeks off isn't really going to affect my game all that much. My sweeping muscles, on the other hand...that's a different story. This was my first game as a sweeper (non-Skip) in eleven weeks. I'm still feeling it today.

The game was another epic Kathy v. Murray showdown (they're married, for those who aren't in the club) that came down to the final end, and subsequent shootout. And because I wasn't the Skip, it doesn't bother me so much that we ended up losing...except that we're the only remaining winless team in either the Friday League or the Sunday League. But on the bright side, we count "shootout losses" in the standings, just like the NHL, except that this season, wins are worth three points instead of two. So instead of 0-4, we're 0-3-1! Woo? (Note: I missed two of those losses while in Vermont.)

It has been a tough season so far, in part because we have yet to have our entire four-person roster at the rink all at once. Perhaps this season just wasn't meant to be. Even though we're pretty much out of contention, there is still plenty to play for, at least for the stat-minded among us who have a couple of notable streaks in jeopardy:
- Can I keep my streak alive of not finishing in last place in any league, ever? Assuming we finish the regular season in 7th or 8th place, that will come down to the 7/8 game the final week. With any luck, we'll even have our entire team that week!
- Can I finish 2012 with an above-.500 record for the year and keep that streak alive as well? I'm 17-19 so far this year, so if our last four league games are the only games I play the rest the year (which they may or may not be), I need to finish the year 3-1 to end at .500, or 4-0 to end above .500. An uphill battle, yes, but I figured I'd have a sub-.500 year eventually. And even if I did finish the year above .500, that will only be because we bought Debbie McCormick for a weekend, so does that really count?

Well, either way, I probably won't be feeling the pressure too much the rest of the way. In some ways, ending both of those streaks might actually be a good thing.

We have another game this Friday...and again the next two weeks after that! Sweet.

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