Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Church Nursery

Lately, we've been going to church every two or three weeks or so. At first, going to church with Marla was (relatively) easy: just carry her into church right in the car seat, and most likely, she'd sleep through most of the service, or at worst, you'd have to hold her or entertain for a little while. (Well...that's not exactly the "at worst" scenario.)

These days, Marla is a little more mobile (she's walking now!) and antsy, so, keeping her entertained, calm, and relatively still for an entire 75-minute service...well, it's hard work, which makes us want to go even less.

The church nursery to the rescue! A couple of nice ladies hang out in the church nursery, and we (and anyone else) are more than welcome to drop Marla off for some or all of the service. It's officially a "free service", but we voluntarily increase our weekly offering when we use it (which is probably what most people do). I think it's great for families with kids of Marla's age, because the 1-2 age range is probably the hardest in terms of bringing kids to church. Without something like this available, most families like ours probably wouldn't even bother, which is perhaps why they think it's in their best interest to have the nursery open during church in the first place. (Our church doesn't have a separate "cry room" like the church I grew up with did; that would be better, but that's pretty rare.)

So, great! On the other hand...now what's our excuse if we miss church two or three weeks in a row?

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