Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Marla's First Beach Trip

Last weekend, we visited my parents, who now live in Neptune Beach, FL. They live within a couple of miles of the ocean, giving us a great opportunity to take Marla to the beach for the first time. Hooray!

Going in, we knew that a) Marla liked water, and b) she would probably try to eat the sand. Marla had a great time with the waves, and yes, she probably ingested a decent amount of sand. But she seemed to enjoy it a lot. We timed the tide perfectly, too (although not on purpose) - the outgoing tide left behind some shallow and relatively quiet pools, which were perfect for Marla. And, the water was plenty warm, probably in the mid 80s. (Nothing against North Carolina beaches, but they can't compete with Florida's water temperatures. Especially the Outer Banks.)

Marla lasted about, oh, maybe 1½ to 2 hours, before she got cranky. And that's the main reason why we waited so long to take her to the beach. Sure, we could drive 2½ hours to Topsail Island and take her to the beach there, but for a one or two hour stay on the beach*, is it really worth it? Not to mention, we don't know how much a sandy Marla would enjoy a 2½-hour car ride immediately after the beach. (Well, we have an idea...)

(* - We expect Marla to have a much, much longer beach attention span when she's in the 5 to 10 year old range.)

Well, anyway, we've decided that any beach trip with Marla should be accompanied by an overnight stay somewhere near the beach (within 30 minutes at the most). Or, we could just limit our beach trips to when we visit my family in Florida. For us, one beach trip per year is probably just right.

A couple of other beach pictures, plus several other miscellaneous ones, are in this month's Marla Picture Dump.

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