Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Curling Recap: 9/14/12

It's curling season again! Yes!

This is going to be a fairly fragmented season for me, because I'm going to miss two consecutive games due to an upcoming vacation (which I'll preview tomorrow, or the next day, or sometime), and then the league takes the next two weeks off after that. So after this Friday's league opener, I won't curl again until October 26th. Sure, we could have timed our vacation around the curling schedule (and we have in the past), but in terms of planning, peak fall foliage takes priority over pretty much everything. Why else would we have had our wedding during football season?

With that in mind, I made sure not to miss Friday's "preseason" pickup game, because I don't really have that many games left this year.

Career game #195: Pickup - September 14, 2012

End........... 1234567 |TTL
Yantis........ 1100300 | 05
Allen......... 0012013 | 07

The main reason why we have these 'preseason' games, in order to give new curlers a 'bridge' between the Learn to Curl session and the leagues. (Even though we assure them that they're league ready straight out of the Learn to Curl, because you know, we're not that good.) So even though I've gone on record lately (multiple times!) saying that I don't really enjoy playing Skip anymore, since these pickup games often have a much higher percentage of new curlers than a typical league game, I usually end up playing Skip in them anyway. If nothing else, it did give me a good opportunity to break a losing streak: before Friday's game, I had lost seven consecutive games at Skip, going all the way back to February.

Both teams had two new curlers (or curlers with only a game or two of experience), so it was pretty even in that regard. All of the new curlers played well, and my front end probably played their best in the middle ends, which - not coincidentally - are the ends in which we scored a lot of our points. (Except for the 5th end, in which opposing Skip Bill drew into the house twice, and I left both of my draws short.)

But despite my 5th end failing, I came back and drew to the four foot with last rock in the 6th end to score one and keep us in the game. And then in the 7th and final end, my team put us in great position, I put my second shot exactly where I wanted, and the other team wasn't left with a whole lot of options on their last shot. So, losing streak over! Hooray! But in a way, we all lost, because none of the new curlers in our game have proceeded to join the upcoming league. (Yet. Today is the deadline.)

As I've said before, the thing with Skipping - for me, at least - is that much more so than the other positions, it's fun when I play well, and it's not fun when I don't play well. So, I had fun on Friday. But is it enough to make me reconsider and want to Skip the upcoming league? ... Nope. I know better. Besides, our club has plenty of capable Skips these days.

The league begins this Friday, in what will be my last game until late October. Better make the most of it!

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