Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Sal's Italian Restaurant

Since the closing of "Oh! Brian's", I've long lamented the lack of a good non-chain restaurant just down the street, for which to take guests to. There are a lot of restaurants at the intersection of Highway 54 and 55, but none really have what I'm looking for.

Maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough. We've avoided going to "Sal's Italian Restaurant and Pizza" because we thought it was simply a "pizza joint". Nope! It's actually a good, run-of-the-mill Italian restaurant with a full menu. We tried it out over the weekend, and it gets my seal of approval.

Most notable is that unlike at, say, an Olive Garden or Carrabba's, there is lots of available seating!

If you read the note on the restaurant website, you'll see that the "restaurant history" is written not by Sal, but by Sal's cousin, Joe. What happened to Sal?

(Side note: "Sal's" makes for a much better Italian restaurant name than "Joe's".)

So is this our new "fallback" non-chain restaurant of choice to take guests to? Well, only if they're in the mood for Italian. Otherwise, I still think it's worth the 20 minute drive to Danny's BBQ.

(Oh, and by the way, the serving time was 23 minutes, 40 seconds. That's slower than the 19:09 posted by the comparable Rosie's Italian Grille in Toledo earlier this year, and once again shows that serving speed often has nothing to do with how crowded the restaurant is.)

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