Thursday, August 30, 2012

Co-ed Kickball: Season 6 Preview

(First off, we'll be spending Labor Day weekend in Jacksonville, a trip that will include Marla's first ever beach day. Enjoy your weekend!)

Two months ago, our kickball team - whose all-time record is still well under .500, mind you - won our first league title. Now it's time to defend!

The "regular season" doesn't start until after Labor Day, but we did play two "preseason" games this week, denoted as such because both practices were rained out. "Preseason" or not, I still counted them in my stats, because the games were still officiated normally (for the most part), and whether a game "counts" or not is kind of arbitrary, to me. Fact is, we're out there regardless, and it's not like the town of Knightdale really publishes the standings anyway, so just because the town says a game "doesn't count" doesn't mean I shouldn't count it. I mean, it's still kickball. (Mid-season forfeit games are usually not played "normally" or "seriously", and so I don't count those.) Well, anyway, we won both games this week by wide margins (5-0 and 12-1), but that's usually how it goes early the season with us. The challenge will come later on. I mean, we are the defending champions. Everybody will be gunning for us! Or, instead, maybe we'll intimidate them all into submission. (Ha!)

Actually, our biggest challenge might just be fielding a legal team week in and week out. Since this is "co-ed" kickball, each team must have three females in the field at all times, and if you don't have three females with you on any given night, you forfeit. That's how we "won" our first playoff game last season, but it could work against us this season, because we only have four women on the roster, and one of those four is Amber, who won't be there every game. So...hmm. (Note: the three female rule wasn't enforced in preseason, and we only had two females last night, so you could argue that since I am counting the game in my stats, that I should have counted it as a loss...but, no, I'm not doing that.)

I guess as long as we have enough females in the playoff games, that's all that really matters, since everybody makes the playoffs no matter what. But it does make me wonder what the future of the team is. The women keep getting pregnant and having kids, and while our roster is growing, all of our new recruits are men. How long can we keep the team together?

The only major rule change this year was supposed to be a slight shift of the bunt line back a few feet, but that wasn't the case last night, so...who knows? Let's assume the bunt line is moved back. Can I still bunt! Sure! I just need to bunt it a little bit harder. Just "tapping" it down the line may not always be enough anymore. I learned that in my first at-bat of the first preseason game (in which the bunt line was moved back). We'll see at the end of the season how much it affects my batting average, which is still a healthy .704 career.

(Other statistical notes: last night I played in my 50th career game and scored my 50th career run; my next RBI will be my 10th career RBI; and my next at-bat will be my 200th career AB. I also need two more strikeouts to reach 50 for my career, but due to the smaller strike zone - retained from last season - I may not get that for a while. I'm also likely to play fewer games this season than in any other season, even counting the preseason games; between Marla duty and an upcoming vacation, I'm only slated to play in four of our eight regular season games.)

That should just about do it. Goooooo team! Let's get two in a row!

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