Monday, July 02, 2012

The Shaded Parking Spot

I don't get to work quite as early as I did pre-Marla, but I still get to work earlier than most, usually by 7:30 AM. My reward? Not only do I get to leave work earlier than most, too, but I get my choice of parking spots.

This time of year, this spot is my choice. This spot has it all: it's fairly close to the front door, nobody can park directly to the left of me (which means I can open my driver's side door as wide as I damn well please), and most of all, it's in the shade! It's nice to not have to ride in a 130°F car after work. It's been especially handy during this week's heat wave, in which Raleigh tied its all-time record high on consecutive days (105°F on Friday 6/29 and Saturday 6/30).

This parking spot is actually preferable all year. In winter, that tree has no leaves, so my car gets a healthy amount of sun, which in winter is kind of nice. (It's nice to have a warm, 80°F car waiting for me after work.) The one downside to this parking spot is that being below a tree, my car tends to get more than its share of bird droppings.

But we're supposed to be moving to an adjacent building in a few months, so I'm going to have to come up with a new system. And I'll probably write another blog post about it, too, next time there's a slow news week.

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