Monday, July 30, 2012

Marla's First Birthday

Huge parties aren't really our thing. At the same time, your first child's first birthday is kind of a big deal. Our compromise? Invite some friends over for a couple of hours, and call it a day.

The full set of birthday party pictures can be found in this month's highly recommended "Marla picture dump", in which Marla has some fun with her custom-made cow cake.

(By the way, this will be the last "picture dump" that I'm going to store on Flickr, since they don't give you unlimited free photos. I'm trying to avoid using Facebook, so I think next month I'm going to start using Google+/Picasa.)

Besides the cow cake, there was also a regular cake for the adults, a "backup" smash cake in case the cow cake preparation didn't work out (it came free with the regular cake, which we got at Harris Teeter), and another similar non-cow smash cake that we got the previous weekend for a JC Penney photo shoot. Cake for everyone!

Now...about that JC Penney photo shoot. Organized, formal photo shoots at department stores aren't normally our thing - in fact, we had never done one before, period - but since Amber's parents were in town the previous weekend, we thought they might have some fun with it. You can spend a small fortune for pictures like these, but we stuck with nearly the bare minimum that we could get away with.

For the photo shoot, we had the smash cake, a tutu, and a party hat. She only really cared for one of the three. Wanna guess which one?

Anyway, here's a small sampling of the results. The photographer said that it was the "second messiest photo shoot she's ever done". Should we bring Marla back next year and go for the record?

And since I'm into statistics and stuff... - Marla currently has 5 teeth (3 top, 2 bottom), with the 6th coming in just now (on the top). - She isn't quite walking yet, probably because she's so darn good at crawling. - Haven't weighed her in a while, but on her last doctor visit (June 6th), she weighed 20 pounds, 13 ounces. She's been gaining a little under a pound a month as of late, so my guess is that she's around 22 pounds now. - Marla spent 25 of her first 366 nights away from home (including two in the hospital after she was first born). - Marla "graduates" from the infant room to the toddler room at day care this week, so she'll instantly go from being the oldest baby in the room (by quite a bit) to the youngest. Sorry, Marla - no more bottles! You're a big girl now.

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