Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Marla Picture Dump: June 2012

I waited until now to post the monthly set of Marla pictures so that I could include last weekend's trip to Pennsylvania, which included Marla meeting one of her two remaining great grandparents (my dad's mom) for the first time (she's already met Amber's mom's mom), and also two of her second cousins. How many kids get to meet their second cousins? That's one thing I like about the Allen family - we stick together. And it doesn't hurt that at least a few of the Allens don't mind the occasional road trip, which makes these kinds of meetings possible.

(Statistical note: On average, when a child is born, how many of his/her great grandparents are still alive? For Marla, it was two, and both are still going. For me, it was definitely at least one; not sure if it was more than that.)

Here is this month's "Marla picture dump".

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