Thursday, July 12, 2012

Curling Recap: 7/11/12

Career game #185: Pick-up - Wednesday, July 11, 2012

End......... 12345678 |TTL
Hartman..... 20050111 | 10
Allen....... 00101000 | 02

I figured a laid back, mid-summer, Wednesday evening game might be a good time for me to try to break my 6-game losing streak as a Skip. Well, perhaps it was on paper, but instead it ended up being more of the same. The big end, key shots missed by me, you name it. And I got pretty frustrated, again. So now I've lost seven consecutive games as a Skip.

But why should I get frustrated in a pick-up game? Perhaps, I would enjoy it more if I didn't keep detailed stats. I might not have even known I had lost my last six games as Skip if not for the stats, especially since I had won my last three overall. And, losing a pick-up game only matters because it gets recorded in the stats, right? Otherwise, it all gets forgotten as soon as we get to the bar after the game. And besides, the reason I curl in a summer pick-up game in the first place is because it's fun, not because I'm trying to inflate my career won/loss record.

Let's go a little deeper into my stat obsession. I think there are two main reasons I'm obsessed with statistics. One is general curiosity and the discovery of "interesting statistical tidbits". For example, out of 185 career curling games, this was the first time I had ever curled on a Wednesday! Isn't that interesting??? (Well, I think it is. By the way, Tuesday is now the only day of the week on which I have never curled.)

The other reason I keep track of statistics is because it's rewarding to know that, for example, I will likely curl in my 200th career game before the end of the year. I think that's kind of neat. Whether it's how many counties I've visited (1,450), how many miles I've ridden my bicycle (5,557), how many runs I've scored in kickball (46), or how many curling games I've played (185), I look at the numbers, and I sense accomplishment. (Side comment: I don't really view the 67 minutes I've spent mowing the lawn this year as "accomplishment"; I keep that statistic strictly for the curiosity aspect.)

One side effect of my stat keeping is, of course, getting frustrated during an otherwise meaningless game of summer pick-up curling. But in the end, I think it's all worth it. For now.

The Triangle Curling Club has one more game of pick-up curling scheduled for next week, but I'll likely have to sit it out. That means my next game will be the opening game of the Carolina Classic (August 3rd), with Debbie McCormick as Skip. Can't wait!

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