Monday, June 04, 2012


This post is mostly for the guys. In general, men carry their stuff in pockets, while women carry their stuff in purses. I recognize the benefits of purses, and I don't personally object to the idea of a man carrying a purse (or anything by a different name that is functionally equivalent to a purse). However, like many men, I'm a minimalist: pockets are more than sufficient, so why worry about carrying this extra thing around with you all the time?

I've always kept my keys in my left pants pocket, and (since I've had one) my cell phone in my right pants pocket. But recently I've discovered a reason to change that, and it's proving kind of difficult.

First off...why have I always kept keys in the left and phone in the right? I actually don't know. But, that's how I've done it since I've been old enough to have a need to carry around keys with me. Is "keys in the left" the "social standard"? Is that what most guys do? Or are there actually a lot of guys who carry their keys by some other means completely (e.g. jacket pockets, some kind of belt loop clip-on device, a lanyard of some kind)?

Regardless, the reason I'm trying to switch to "keys in the right, phone in the left" is because I carry Marla with my left arm. Many times, I'll be carrying Marla, and will have a need to access my keys...except that they're in my left pocket. In order to access my keys with my free hand while carrying Marla, I'm actively trying to convert to "keys in the right".

But despite all the effort I've put into the switch, many times within the past week I've found my keys in the left pocket, or my phone in the right pocket, because I'll have put them there without even thinking about it. It is very, very hard to break a habit of 15+ years.

Well, regardless, we all keep our wallets in one of the rear pants pockets, right?


James Allen said...

Wallet and phone left, keys right.

punch-drunk said...

Keys in left pocket, phone in right. I'm a righty and access my phone more throughout the day than my keys.

I used to have my wallet in my back pocket, but after having a job as a driver where I'd be in my car for extended lengths of time, I switched to the front pocket. Front left with the the keys.

Also, more useful when I'm in crowds and trying to avoid pick-pockets.

bubba0077 said...

I've done both over the years depending on what my normal pocket compliment is, but currently it is phone left, keys right. Wallet goes in the back right unless I will be walking around a crowded area, when I switch it to my front right as a security precaution.