Tuesday, June 05, 2012

LG Phone Battery Fail (Sort of)

Last month, my smartphone - a T-Mobile G2x, a.k.a. LG Optimus 2X - kicked the can, and so T-Mobile sent me a new one. But they didn't sent me a new phone battery, or even a new back cover for the phone. They only sent me the bare minimum. So you figured it was only a matter of time before I had to replace the battery too, right?

Well...it's not that the battery I had been using failed completely. It's just that I was still having problems, even with the new phone. The new phone would randomly turn off on occasion, and would frequently shut off while charging the battery. Many times, the only way to get the phone to turn back on again was to perform a "battery pull" - take the battery out of the phone, put it back in, and turn it on. I had to do this about once a day.

I've since learned the G2x is basically rubbish, but for this phone to have trouble right out of the box...maybe something else is at work here. Maybe I need a new battery, too?

After doing some online research, I concluded that my best option was not to go through T-Mobile and get another battery under warranty. The G2x stock batteries aren't very good to begin with, and regardless, it might take some effort to convince the T-Mobile folks that the battery is in fact defective. (It's easy to demonstrate that a phone won't turn on, but hard to demonstrate that it sometimes shuts off randomly.) My best bet was to get a third party battery, even if that meant paying a few bucks. So, I got one of these.

This new battery has about twice the battery life of the old battery. Hooray! But the catch is that it's also twice as thick, and also came with a new back cover to accomodate the larger battery; and thus, my phone is now twice as thick as it used to be. Small price to pay, I suppose. (I'd take a picture of it, but taking a picture of my phone battery with my phone would surely cause some kind of singularity.)

So, problem solved, right? Well...almost. The phone has occasionally shut off and/or rebooted while being charged, but certainly not every time like it was doing with the old battery. But the good news is that with the new battery, I haven't had a single random shut off during normal use, and I haven't had to perform a single battery pull, either. Yet.

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