Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Chris Allen Blog 100,000th Pageview Spectacular

With one exception, I hate it when TV shows and networks do self-serving anniversary and/or episode milestone specials. It's so lame. "Hey, the number of episodes we've produced is now divisible by 100! Let's spend 30 to 60 minutes talking about how awesome we are!"

On a related note: hey, the counter on my blog (which I started in January 2008) just passed 100,000! Let's spend five paragraphs talking about how awesome my blog is!

Or, instead, let's just talk about how a few of my posts have been fortunate enough to find their way into some key Google search results. Sure, I have a few loyal readers (and I am very appreciative of you!), but I imagine that given the wide range of topics I've covered over the years, random Google searches account for a pretty high percentage of my hits.

I actually haven't looked at the StatCounter stuff in quite a while. The latest version of the Blogger interface keeps its own stats, and shows pageviews for all of my posts right there on the "Dashboard", so I can easily tell that way which posts get a lot of clicks, and which ones don't. Other than posts which get a lot of random Google hits (e.g. anything to do with Honda Civic sun visors or license plate registration stickers), I haven't been able to determine a pattern with the widely-read posts (would not have expected this one to get 72 views, for instance), but I have noticed that my single game curling recaps and bicycling posts (e.g. yesterday's post) are often among my least read. (Note: if I'm honest, I expect this post to be among the "least read".) The model of posting links to individual posts on my Facebook/Twitter feeds has worked well for many reasons, and gauging the popularity of individual posts and topics is one of them.

Well, anyway...thanks for reading!

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bubba0077 said...

I wonder how many people other than me are following via RSS, and thus don't register as a hit unless we come to comment.