Thursday, May 31, 2012

RIP: Kid-Os (Sort Of)

I've spoken the virtues of Kroger's "Kid-Os" - their version of generic Oreos - before. Unfortunately, Kid-Os are no more...sort of.

I liked the name "Kid-Os". It was distinctive, and it rolled right off the tongue. Why would you replace that with the terribly generic "Chocolate Sandwich Cookies"? How is that better?

(Oh, and yes, we always get the double-filled ones. That's not even a question.)

Well...maybe Kroger is just trying to pull a fast one on us. Because you see, these "" packages are smaller than the old Kid-Os packages, despite being the same price. Are we less likely to notice the smaller volume if the product has completely different packaging? I'd actually think we would be more likely to notice, no?

I would criticize Kroger for this, but pretty much everyone is doing it these days. The trend of decreasing the volume rather than increasing the price, and hoping we don't notice, started years ago. And besides, it's not like I'm going to stop buying Kid-Os, or whatever they're called now. They're good.

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