Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Curling Recap: 5/11/12

Curling season is officially over, but that just means it's time for the summer pickup curling season! Hooray! Although pickup curling is only once every few weeks or so, and after last Friday night's pickup game, I won't curl again until mid-June.

I specifically asked to NOT play Skip on Friday, mostly so I could get my sweeping arms back in shape. Instead, I played Lead, throwing three rocks per end on a three-person team. It was great practice, but like I said, I don't curl again for several weeks, so...will it matter? Probably not. But it was still fun.

Meanwhile, the game featured one of the club's top Skips (the other team) versus someone playing Skip for the first time ever (my team). All things considered, we did well...except for one end. There's always that one end, isn't there?

Career game #181: Pick-up - May 11, 2012 (my team: Self)

End.......... 123456 |TTL
Jackson...... 120400 | 07
Self......... 001011 | 03

The 4th end wasn't really that bad. We were sitting one prior to opposing Skip Murray's last shot, but that one was wide open (our guard didn't end up where it needed to be), so it was basically a wide open hit for four. This happened a lot to me in the Winter League when I didn't have last rock: we'd get a rock in the house, and we would then try really really hard to guard it, but the guards would never stop where they needed to stop in order to be effective. Meanwhile, the other team has been piling a bunch of other rocks in the house, and with their last rock they hit ours out and score four or five or something. It happens. Sometimes, I don't even notice it until it's too late. As in, before their last shot, I think, "You know, they could hit ours out and score four here. Uh oh..."

The guards did pan out for us in some of the other ends, though, allowing us to score three times (although only one each time). And our first-time-ever Skip Kalon made a great draw for one in the 6th end to score one.

The main idea behind the pickup games is to give newer curlers an opportunity to curl with the club before they join a league in full, and without having to fill in on a league team or something. I think we had 11 first-time curlers on Friday, which is great. Hope some of them come back for the next one!


Chris J. said...

The best guard is second shot.

Chris Allen said...

That is an excellent philosophy.