Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Chris Allen's Day Off

Tuesday's election has come and gone, so let's get back to talking about meaningless and stupid stuff. Like...when is the next time I'm going to visit a county I've never visited before? Well, if everything goes according to plan, tomorrow!

"But tomorrow's Thursday! Don't you have work?" Well, you see...back when I started my current job in 2006, I got two weeks vacation. Back then, vacation time was extremely valuable, and that meant doing things like working on a Sunday prior to a planned three-day trip so that I could avoid using a vacation day. But now we have a kid, and...well, we just don't feel like going on that many vacations anymore, and going on a long trip just isn't that practical or convenient anyway, at least right now. And there's plenty for us to do at home as it is. That, and the fact that I now get three weeks vacation, means that for the first time ever, I actually have vacation time to burn. (Not so for Amber, who had to use all of her vacation time during maternity leave.)

So, I'm taking a random Thursday (tomorrow) off from work. I'm thinking of going for a drive and filling in a nearby statistical gap in my roadgeek quests - specifically, I-64 between Richmond and Beckley. That'll give me two new counties in the process, too. Yay!

I probably won't blog about this drive afterwards, because I expect absolutely nothing notable to happen. (Hopefully.) I'll save the interesting, scenic drives for when we have the whole family with us.

Have a good Thursday!

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