Thursday, May 17, 2012

Amber's Silly Race II

In 2009, Amber entered an adventure race called the "Flying Frog Adventure Race", in which she ran a few miles, mountain biked several miles, kayaked a couple of more miles, and got really dirty. I thought it was silly. Well, it's time for round two! And this time, it might be even sillier.

This weekend, Amber (and some of our friends, too) are participating in something called the Warrior Dash. Basically, it's a 5K race (approximately) through the mud, with obstacles, or something like that. It looks interesting, and crazy. Just the kind of thing Amber would want to do! Seriously, check out the obstacles.

As for me, I'll be hanging out with Marla in the cheering section, and will be proud of the fact that we won't need a shower afterwards or be ruining our clothes in the process. (They tell runners to bring a pair of shoes that they don't plan on ever wearing again once the race is over.) Fortunately for the participants and spectators alike, it looks to be a nice weekend, weather-wise.

Okay, I admit...except for the "running three miles" part, this sounds kind of fun. But I still think you're all nuts. I'm more than happy to just hang out in the cheering section and watch. And besides, it's safe to say that I've done more "fun things" so far this year than Amber has (e.g. curling in Utica, driving I-64 from Richmond to Beckley for statistical purposes*). Now it's Amber's turn!

(* - Yes, I consider those things fun.)

Either way, we all get a road trip out of it, too! The race is Sunday morning in Huntersville, just north of Charlotte. This will give us our first night away from home since the Alabama trip at the end of March. So yeah, it's boring old Charlotte, again...but a different part of Charlotte, at least. Besides, and any road trip is a good road trip. And unlike our last road trip, I might even live tweet this time, too.

(Side comment: Poor planning on the part of the race organizers to schedule this thing for the same weekend as the NASCAR All-Star Race at nearby Charlotte Motor Speedway. Better this weekend than next weekend, I suppose. And on the bright side, the need to take an alternate route Saturday evening to get there could give Marla some new counties! But only if we go really out of the way.)

(Side comment #2: We're actually going road tripping the following weekend, too, to Toledo.)

They actually have Warrior Dash races all over the country, which is good news for you...if you're crazy.


Adam said...

Consider taking US 1 down to Sanford and the 15/501 to Carthage and over via NC 24 or 27. It's not really out of the way.

I'm not sure if you have any parts of NC 24 in that part of the state but it's a nice drive.

Chris Allen said...

I've gone that way a couple of times, and it is a nice drive...but Marla doesn't have it yet!