Friday, April 20, 2012

Sports Saturday: 4/20/12

NHL playoffs, the FIRST PLACE (for now) Washington Nationals, Formula One teams fearing for their lives, and televised curling (sort of)!

NHL - There has been a lot of fighting and dirty play so far in the playoffs. I really don't have much of an opinion on that. It works for some, and there's nothing wrong with that, but the "hate" aspect isn't really what draws me into the playoffs.

So...the Florida Panthers. Not only have they won one game so far, they've won two! I was afraid they'd get unceremoniously swept like when the Atlanta Thrashers (R.I.P.) won the division a few years ago. So, yay! This season is already a huge success if you're the Panthers. But now it's back to business. Their series with New Jersey is now basically a best-of-3. Can they advance? Well...maybe. (Now that's analysis!) New Jersey at Florida (Game 5) - Sat 6:30p, NHL Network

I don't really have much to say about the rest of the playoffs, actually, other than that Amber will be happy when they're over.

MLB - I was cautiously optimistic about the Washington Nationals' chances prior to the season. So far, at least, they're validating that: they're 10-4 and in FIRST PLACE! Mostly thanks to excellent starting pitching (most of the time) and some luck (lots of wins in close games, a favorable schedule to start the season). So I don't know if it's sustainable, but nevertheless, it's never been a more exciting time to be a Washington Nationals fan! Florida at Washington: Fri 7:00p, MASN; Sat 1:00p, MASN; Sun 1:30p, MASN

Auto racing - I've complained a lot about what I've perceived to be "phony" debris cautions in NASCAR, in which they use a small, inconsequential piece of debris outside the racing groove as an excuse to bunch up the field and make the last part of the race more exciting. Well, last weekend's race at Texas ended with a 200+ lap green flag run. "Are you happy now, Chris? Is this what you wanted???"

Actually...yeah. Sure, we missed out on fun things like "mayhem" and "wrecks", but there was a pass for the lead towards the end. Fact is, we need a race like this every now and then to keep everyone honest. Otherwise, it's "take a nap for the first 200 laps because we know the caution is going to come out anyway". ... That said, yeah, I am actually kind of bored with NASCAR right now. But not because NASCAR isn't throwing enough caution flags. I promise. NASCAR Sprint Cup at Kansas - Sun 1:00p, FOX

Formula One is racing in Bahrain this weekend, where there are still violent protests going on, and some teams are fearing for their safety. That won't make the race any more exciting - the track itself isn't particularly passing-friendly (although we haven't seen it since the advent of DRS), and being the desert, there is nearly zero chance of rain - but it is an interesting back story nevertheless. Make sure you're out of the country by dark, guys! Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix - Sun 8:00a, SPEED

Curling - Oh, and one more thing: the Universal Sports Network (DirecTV 625) is showing a few "games" (condensed into one hour each) from the men's and women's world championships this weekend (3:00a and 4:00p every day through Sunday). Set your DVRs! Increase the viewership numbers as much as possible! And maybe someday, they'll get a clue and start putting live non-Olympic curling on the NBC Sports Network! I mean, lately, NBC Sports Network has been showing darts, of all things. Why not curling? You could get the rights for next to nothing, and I'm sure TSN would be more than happy to let you simulcast their broadcasts in the United States like NFL Network does with the Canadian Football League. DO IT!!!


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Spartangoogle said...

All is right with the world once more: Red Bull is winning again and it is snowing in PittsburgH at the end of April!