Monday, April 23, 2012

Curling Recap: 4/23/12

One game left before curling season is over. Let's go out with a win! ... Or, not.

Career game #180: 2012 Winter League 7th place game - April 20, 2012

End.......... 12345678 |TTL
Allen........ 00012040 | 07
Scheck....... 11200401 | 09

The game in a nutshell:

- Amber got to play with me this week! This is the fourth time we've curled together so far this year, and the first time we've played together on Friday.

- We were outplayed in the first two ends, but managed to hang in there and not give up a big number early like I usually do. Moral victory!

- In the 3rd end, the other team was sitting one prior to my last shot. I had a choice: I could a) try to draw for one, or b) attempt a SUPER FUN DOUBLE TAKEOUT FOR THREE! Given that this was the last game of the season, and possibly my last time playing Skip for a while, I went for the SUPER FUN DOUBLE. I don't feel like diagramming, but the shot was definitely there, although there was some risk: if the rock held straight by even an inch or two, I could give them two instead of one. And that's what ended up happening, of course. But I do not regret my decision.

- In the 4th end, we lost a measurement for two and instead took one. We have to catch a break sooner or later, right?

- In the 5th end, we got the break we needed when opposing Skip Dan's final shot of the end, a take-out for one, inexplicably held straight and missed everything, giving us two. We're back in the game!

- ...until the 6th end, when we gave up our customary big end of the night.

- But in the 7th end, we got the four right back! We're back in the game! Again!

- ...until the 8th end, when opposing Vice Cliff made a virtually untouchable hit and roll behind cover. That left me no choice but to throw it AS HARD AS I COULD with my first rock, just hoping to create some chaos and perhaps give me a window of opportunity on my last shot. I'd say it worked, because it gave me a somewhat open take-out for one with my last rock (not the hammer). But, it wasn't to be, because curled more than I thought it would and didn't clear the guard. It is a tendency of mine to underestimate the amount of curl on take-outs. I know this, and yet...

Well, anyway, that's that. A 2-7 finish to the season, 8th place out of 9 teams, both of which are career lows. On one hand, you have to have your career low sooner or later, right? And hey, I did get a lot of free drinks this season. On the other is really, really hard to break a losing streak. Some people learn through their mistakes, but I think I learn through my successes. Maybe that explains why my play is so streaky, particularly when I'm playing Skip.

In By the Numbers, I post my overall curling record (currently 103-77), and have that broken down by position (e.g. 35-29 as Skip) and by game format (e.g. 62-49 in club league play). I don't have my record by year posted there, but I do keep track of my overall record, as well as my record by position and by game format, by year.

I mention this because I have a lot at stake for the rest of 2012, because I have never had a sub-.500 year in curling. So far in 2012, I'm 8-11. (Reading my curling recaps as of late, you'd think my record was far worse than that, wouldn't you? But I did go 3-1 when sparing on other teams this season, plus 2-0 in preseason pickup games.) You know...keeping track of my win-loss record does take away from some of the fun sometimes. But this - stat keeping - is what I do. It's an addiction.

Well, either way, I have plenty of curling lined up for the rest of the year. This summer, I'm doing the "Carolina Triple" and am signed up for ALL THREE North Carolina summer bonspiels:
- A one-day bonspiel at the relatively new Coastal Carolina Curling Club in Wilmington (3rd Saturday in June)
- The Carolina Classic with Debbie McCormick (1st weekend in August)
- The Charlotte Centre Curling Club's inaugural summer bonspiel (2nd weekend in August)

This is the one benefit (perhaps the only benefit) of renting hockey ice rather than owning your own facility. Curling season never really "ends"...we just do it less frequently over the summer. A May 11th pickup game looks to be my only opportunity to curl next month, though, and only one of us (Amber or me) will be able to take it.

Speaking of which...while league play didn't go particularly well for me, it went great for Amber: her Sunday team won the league! She now has more league championships (3) than I do (2). So, yay!

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