Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lawn Mowing Statistics

My quest to track statistics on anything and everything continues, now with "lawn mowing statistics". Yeah!

To recap...we don't really have much of a "lawn". Our yard is mostly wooded, so despite our best efforts, there isn't really a whole lot of "grass" to "mow" in our yard. And even in the sunlit areas, we're basically mowing weeds more so than grass.

Basically, there are three areas we need to mow. In front of the house:

To the side of the house, next to the carport:

And, the backyard:

I can generally mow all three areas in less than 15 minutes. But I don't always mow all three areas every time I mow. And, since we have a relatively cheap (but well-reviewed according to Consumer Reports) lawn mower that we only use every two weeks or so (and not at all in winter months), sometimes it takes a few pulls to get the thing started.

Read that last paragraph again, and you can see that I have some stat potential here! So, here's what I've started tracking in By the Numbers:

When was the last time I mowed the lawn? Might as well start simple, right? This is something that's useful for me to know anyway.

On average, how many "pulls" does it take to start the mower? If I'm feeling really ambitious (and why wouldn't I be?), I'll also determine if there is a correlation between this stat and "number of days since the mower was last started". Does using your mower more often make it easier to start?

Number of times I've mowed the front, side, and back yards. Usually before I mow, I look at each area and see if it needs it, and make my decision accordingly. I already know that I need to mow the side less often than the front or back, and I usually only mow at all when both the front and back need it (not when it's just one or the other). So, this stat may not be all that interesting in the end, but you never know...

Total (and average) number of minutes spent mowing the lawn. I remember it taking about 40 minutes to mow the lawn, front and back combined, at my parents' old house. It takes nowhere near that long to mow our yard. Note: the timer only runs while the lawn mower is running, so the amount of time it takes me to start the mower, or top off the fuel tank, or whatever, is not included.

Last time I mowed the yard (April 1), it took...
- 10 minutes to mow all three sections of the lawn. That's about right.
- 10 pulls to start the mower. That's a lot, but that could have just been because the gas tank was low. After the 9th pull, I added some gas to the tank, and then the very next pull was successful. I imagine most newer mowers don't require this much effort to start - our mower is only a year old or so - but again, we went cheap, although we did get the best cheap mower on the market (according to Consumer Reports). I don't think it will take 10 pulls to start it every time. But even if it does, given that we only spend about 10 minutes mowing the lawn every other week, we have no need to spend a lot of money on a good mower. Ours isn't even self propelled!

Looking at the grass weeds this morning, it looks like the next mow will be sometime this week or this weekend. Hooray, more stats!

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amber said...

You know, those pictures make our lawn look much better than it looks in person!