Monday, April 16, 2012

Curling Recap: 4/13/12

Career game #179: 2012 Winter League - April 13, 2012

End.......... 12345678 |TTL
Allen........ 01000302 | 06
Vos.......... 10215020 | 11

I know there's been an unhealthy amount of self-loathing in these curling recaps as of late, so I'll try to keep that to a minimum this time. I guess this is what happens when a) you're the Skip of a 2-6 team, and b) have discovered you're not really improving anymore? Whatever the activity, the realization that your ability has peaked, and that you'll only get better through extensive practice and/or a complete reworking of your mechanics, is kind of a letdown. I more or less stopped playing disc golf when I got to that point. But you don't have to worry about me quitting curling!

Either way, I want to make this clear: The level of play in the Triangle Curling Club has never been better. The ice is as good as it's ever been (although it kind of took a step back this week, I thought; see "5th end" below), and we have a lot of young curlers who are not only getting good, but really good. And, that's great! I am more than happy to let them move up to Skip in future leagues while I settle in to my ideal role. And I think Justin, who I Skipped against on Friday and with whom we bonspiel semi-frequently, is more than capable of Skipping our bonspiel teams instead of me, if he's interested.

So...the game. Let's look at the approximate setup prior to my final shot in the 4th end: (our team = yellow)

It was a complicated setup, so I don't remember all the specifics. But basically, the other team was sitting two, and we had two options: 1) Try to raise one of our many yellow rocks into the house, and sit one. 2) Go for the double take-out on red rocks #1 and #2, and if successful, score three. Double take-outs are rarely successful when called on our ice, so I almost never call a double take-out if the only way to score at all is to get rid of both rocks. (A nose hit on #2 wasn't really there, given the location of the guards, rock #1, and the ice conditions, so it was double or nothing.) But still, I thought it was a higher percentage shot than trying to raise any of our yellows for a single point. The angles weren't there. So let's go for the double!

And darn it, we almost had it. The rock overcurled just a little too much, wicked off guard #3, and hit rock #1 out but left rock #2; one point red. Better than two points red, at least. And had it cleared the guard, I think we could have gotten it.

So, our weekly meltdown - in which the other team is sitting four or more, and I completely blow our final shot of the end - happened in the 5th. I thought my shot was pretty easy, too - Justin left a rock behind the tee line on what I thought was a predictable line. Just throw that line, don't leave it light, and it's basically a guaranteed one, right? Nope! The predictable line didn't happen, the rock hung way to the outside, and not only did it not get into the house, it actually promoted another opponent rock into the house for FIVE.

This is the fourth time in five games that we've given up four or more points in one end, while having only scored one four-ender ourselves during that span. So between that, and the so-called "predictable line" that didn't work out on that particular shot...yeah, I was pretty frustrated, and I'm not really proud of how I reacted there.

(A word on ice conditions: the ice was hardly flat on Friday. There were slopes in some areas and not in others, which occasionally led to the non-intuitive conclusion that if you wanted the rock to - for example - move more towards the left, you should actually place the broom farther to the right in order to catch a particular slope. This was why my shot in the 5th end stayed outside, while other rocks we threw in that end did not. In order to get the rock to fall back towards the middle, I should actually have put the broom farther outside so that it would have caught the slope that was sending everything towards the middle. Instead, it never caught the slope, and held straight. Isn't arena curling fun?)

But on the bright side, I found my draw weight towards the end, and we got five points in the last three ends. Yay!

The season finale is this Friday. I'll have a completely different team, because none of my usual teammates can make it this week. Or so they know, sometimes I wonder how fun I am to play with.


bubba0077 said...

How's the progress towards a dedicated-ice facility going?

Chris Allen said...

I'm not directly involved, but right now we're shopping for land for sale in a reasonable location at a price we can afford. We have a plan for how to pay for the land; we just need to find it. (There was one plot less than two miles from our house that would have been perfect...except that we would have to rezone it, which would be kind of a nightmare, apparently.) Once we have the land, we'll have collateral allowing us to get a loan to help pay for the building itself. If everything goes well, the building could be ready in time for the 2014 Olympics (or even sooner). That would be great, obviously, but we have a long ways to go.

amber said...

I think you're super fun to curl with, no matter how you do. Although slightly less fun when you're frustrated :)
Remember, it's just curling!