Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Raven Rock State Park

My parents were in town over the weekend, which made it a good opportunity to continue my quest to go to as many different North Carolina state parks as possible. Next up: Raven Rock State Park. Woo!

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I figured Raven Rock might be our next state park after going to Hanging Rock last month.

What do they have there? I actually did little-to-no research before we went, so going in, I had no idea! (Other than that it probably involved a rock or something.) Amber did do some research, though, and found that there was an easy two mile trail that would be perfect for our little jogger stroller type thingy.

I forget if I've mentioned this thing before, but a few months back we bought a fancy jogger stroller that could also be converted into a bike trailer, so that Amber can take Marla jogging, and I could take Marla bicycling. We haven't taken it bicycling yet, but will soon. Apparently it can be used on some trails, too, so that's what we did. I think it worked out great.

Most of the trail we took is in the woods, but there are two main attractions. One is an overlook of the nearby Cape Fear River:

We used to put Mo the Cow Puppet in a lot of our pictures, but we've gotten away from that over the last year or two. Marla does makes a better picture caddy, after all. (Sorry, Mo.)

I've noticed this a lot in North Carolina. Even in areas of fairly flat terrain, you can sometimes get some steep cliffs near rivers. It kind of sneaks up on you if you're not expecting it. Hooray geology!

Besides that, there is, of course, the namesake of the park. What is Raven Rock? It's a rock formation along the Cape Fear River. Hooray!

The rock pictures aren't all that great up close, but you can't really get a good view of it from a distance because of all the trees. Unless you're on the other side of the river, perhaps.

Two more pictures: an interesting tree, and an "End of Trail" sign beneath Raven Rock that I thought was humorous. Usually they put "Keep Out", "Danger", or something like that to keep rowdy teenages away from unsafe areas. Here? Nope - "End of Trail" will do just fine, I guess.

So, another one down! Which North Carolina state park will we take Marla to next?

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Adam said...

With you all coming down to Charlotte for the Warrior Dash - I'd suggest Crowders Mountain or even South Mountain State Park.

If you go to Crowders Mountain, you can also go to Kings Mountain National Military Park as well. (only about a 10 minute drive from Crowders)