Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Hooded Sweatshirts

Winter's pretty much over around here. But there's still time to extoll the virtues of my new favorite winter clothing item: the hooded sweatshirt with hand warmer.

Are they fashionable? Of course not. But that's never been a priority for me anyway.

Are they practical? Heck yeah! Why wear and/or carry around an extra hat or gloves when a hooded sweatshirt with hand warmer can cover both bases, on demand, whenever you need them?

Are they comfortable? You know it!

Sadly, hooded sweatshirt season is just about over. Even though it still gets cold in the morning, jackets are more practical this time of year, because they're easier to remove once it warms up above my 60°F threshold in the afternoon. But that's okay, because hooded sweatshirt season will soon give way to hammock season.

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