Monday, March 05, 2012


The curling recaps will have to wait another day, because, well, I don't feel like it. I have some kind of cold or flu or something.

(Actually, it's not the flu. The flu test at the doctor's office came up negative. In a way it was a disappointing test result, because now I don't feel as validated.)

Well, anyway...I used to almost never get sick. One sick day per year, maybe two, was all I needed. But since we had Marla, it seems like I've been getting sick an awful lot. Coincidence?

Having another human germ carrier living in the house with you, one who regularly attends a school or day care, can't help. Schools and day cares are basically cesspools of germs. How else would Marla have gotten the chickenpox at a mere four months?

But at the same time, chickenpox aside, I don't think Marla has gotten sick as often as many babies. So, who knows. Maybe she just handles adversity better than I do.


Spartangoogle said...

Teachers who have many years of experience hardly ever pick up illnesses from their students because we've built up an immunity to so many things. Not so for new-ish school employees, however.

Jeff said...

It's not just that she is another human germ carrier - she also has no concept of how to stay relatively-germ free and has the natural inclination to put (possibly dirty) things in her mouth. Cute though!!