Monday, March 19, 2012

Curling Recap: 3/16/12

Career game #177: 2012 Winter League - March 16, 2012

End.......... 12345678 |TTL
Riveron...... 00100642 | 13
Allen........ 00011000 | 02

This might be one of those weeks where it would serve everyone's best interests to keep the curling recap on the short end. You don't click to my blog to hear me mope, right?

This game does have some incredible statistical oddities, though, and as a stat guy, I can appreciate them. No scoring after two ends? That's gotta be a first. 2-1 after five...immediately followed by a 12-0 run to close out the game? Crazy!

I can explain it, though. It was a warm, humid night outside, and that normally means the ice is slower than usual, especially at the start. The result: neither team had any rock in the house at any point in the first two ends. But we both had plenty of guards!

Things did speed up once the rocks cooled down, and we finally did start getting rocks in the house in the 3rd. The middle ends were pretty normal. Then, once the 6th end rolled around, the other team really had things figured out - draws, take-outs, you name it. As for us...oh, right, I said I was going to keep the recap short this week.

The curling leagues are off this weekend, which is good, because I could definitely use a break. This season, I've realized that if I curl too much - especially as a Skip - that I start taking the game too seriously, and become a grouchy, generally unpleasant person to be with. Curling is supposed to be fun first and foremost, and recently I've lost sight of that, so...time for a break! Well, for one week, anyway. When curling returns on March 30, I'll think more about having fun than I will about whether to call more draws or take-outs, or whether I have my draw weight. And with that mindset, our team morale will improve (in theory), and I'll probably play better, too! Except that last part isn't what is most important, of course.

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