Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bojangles' Yellow Boxes

I see a lot of things on my bike rides that I wouldn't notice if I were in a car - for example, litter. All in all I'd say that the roads around here aren't too bad as far as litter goes, but one particular piece of litter always stands out: a yellow Bojangles' box.

Along with beer cans/bottles/cases/whatnot, fast food probably makes up a significant portion of roadside litter. But unlike McDonald's bags and the like, which are bland and generally just blend in with the rest of the trash, Bojangles' boxes are bright, yellow, iconic, and really stand out.

Every time I see one, I have to wonder. Is this all part of some master scheme? The folks at Bojangles' have to know that many of their food containers will end up on the side of the road, so by making their boxes as bold and iconic as they are, a discarded Bojangles' box can serve as a form of advertising, can it not? And, would a local Bojangles' franchise even go so far as to plant discarded boxes in the grass nearby their restaurant on purpose?

(Somewhat related question - do other chicken places serve their food in boxes, or is it just a Bojangles' thing? I rarely get chicken from anywhere else, so I don't know. I know KFC does buckets, but that's just for chicken; I don't know what they do if you order fries and cole slaw, or whatever sides KFC serves, along with it.)

By the way, since we're talking about Bojangles'...I do still eat there from time to time. As someone who loves Bojangles' but had never really lived near one prior to moving to North Carolina, it was kind of an obsession of mine when I first moved here. (Bojangles' has since opened multiple locations in Jacksonville. No Tallahassee locations yet, but they have Guthrie's instead, so that's okay.) In fact, "By the Numbers" once tracked how often I ate at Bojangles'. I don't do that anymore, in part because tracking it actually resulted in me eating there more often. (For example: "Hey, I haven't been to Bojangles' in nearly a month. I'm due!" Given how unhealthy the food is, the longer I can stave off a craving, the better.) And, after living here for nearly six years, the obsession has worn off over time. But I do still get the craving every once in a while, and on more than one occasion, that craving has been spawned by seeing a discarded box on the side of the road.

Yes, it's true. Advertising by littering works, unfortunately.

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Jeff said...

Nothing made me more happy than driving back from AMS in New Orleans and seeing a Bojangles in Columbus, MS. Yeah, we stopped.