Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's In Your Wallet?

First, a disclaimer: do not confuse the title for an endorsement of Capital One or their commercials. I've never been a Capital One customer, so I can say nothing about them or the services they provide, but I'm not the biggest fan of their ads. I think they try too hard.

So I was looking through my wallet today for my AAA card, when a thought occurred to me. How about I blog about what's in my wallet? BAM! Blog post!

My wallet is a basic (read: cheap) three-fold wallet. Card pocket on the left, clear card slot in the middle (driver's license), and coin pocket on the right.

First there anything hiding behind my driver's license in that center slot? Why, yes, there is!

This is my Selective Service Registration card. Now that I'm 29 years old and outside the limits of the Selective Service program, I suppose I don't need to keep this anymore, if I ever needed to keep it on me in the first place...but you never know, right? It's not like this card takes up much space.

Now, from front to back, here are the cards that are currently in the left pocket of my wallet:

1) Debit card. Gets by far the most use out of any of my cards, and thus has a nearly permanent place in front.

2) Credit card, which I mostly just use for gas. (This is actually a brand new credit card. That's another story I'll save for some other time.)

3) A card containing the "anti-theft code" for my car's stereo system. I've needed to enter it only once in the life of my car, after the battery went dead.

4) A "passport information card", including my passport number and expiration date, in case I lose my passport or something.

5) An "Ingles Advantage" card! Ingles is a grocery store based on western North Carolina; this is their discount card. I also have an Ingles Advantage card on my keychain, so why I need one in my wallet on top of that is beyond me. (Actually, there is a reason, and I'll get to that.)

6) Yes! I thought I had gotten rid of this a long time ago. I carry a list of all prime numbers under 1,000 in my wallet, because you never know when it'll come in handy.

7) Directions to Vic and Lindsay's wedding and wedding reception (State College, PA, March 2010). Well, how about that? You never know what you're going to find when you're going through your wallet.

8) Dental insurance card.

9) "Safeway Club" discount card. I don't have a Safeway keychain card, so I actually do need to keep this one. This comes in handy on the West Coast, because Safeway is freaking everywhere out there.

10) My health insurance card...except that I've since switched plans. I should probably get rid of this one.

11) A friend's business card. (I won't say whom.)

12) Marla's health insurance card.

13) Dick's Sporting Goods "Score Card". I think this is supposed to be a rewards card, but I've never gotten anything out of it, and I only go to Dick's, like, once a year. Why do I bother carrying this around?

14) AAA membership card. There it is!

15) My new and correct health insurance card.

16) Car insurance card for Amber's car.

17) Car insurance card for my car.

18) Best Buy gift card, which I think has between $30 and $40 on it.

Even though I don't need some of these cards anymore, am I going to get rid of any of them (aside from the old health insurance card)? Nope. Why? Because as it is, my cards fit nice and snug in my wallet card slot. If I carry fewer cards, then the fit will be looser. I don't think 17 or 18 cards is that many, by the way. I bet most people my age have more than that.

Regarding the order...when I get a new card in my wallet, I usually put it in back. So, the cards I use least frequently are in the #3 to #13 range. The car and health insurance cards are updated every 6 to 12 months, so they'll always be near the back.

So, there you go.

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punch-drunk said...

I thought that seemed like a lot to have in a wallet, so I pulled mine out. Turns out I have 16 cards in mine, and that number would be higher if I hadn't taken out some errant business cards and gift cards.

Mine's a two fold, with a clip for the cash. I put my work ID there, then the the first two pockets are my personal debit card, and my company card.

The only expired thing I have in their is my puplic radio membership card, which I hold on to as a reminder to renew at some point.

I do have a number of punch cards for local business that only have 1 or 2 punches on it, though.