Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sports Saturday: 2/18/12

Between traveling and going to bed at 9 PM every night, I've been out of the sports loop as of late, so I don't really know what's going on right now. (Even less so than normal!) Who is this Jeremy Lin guy everyone keeps talking about? ... Oh, he's an NBA player? Never mind.

College basketball - A quick word regarding Florida State's come-from-behind victory against Virginia Tech on Thursday night: they are SO FREAKING LUCKY. But it's good to see the pep band is still as good at making the other team miss free throws as it was when I was there. And, as I talked about after they beat Duke, the tactic of NOT using a time out to set up a game-winning shot seems to be the right one for Florida State. It happened again! As much trouble as they have offensively sometimes, could they really win the ACC? Well, Duke and UNC are by no means perfect, either, so why not? Florida State at NC State - Sat 1:00p, WRAL (ACC Network)

This is normally the time of year when I start thinking about potential teams to take deep in my NCAA Tournament bracket next month. Kentucky is #1 in the country, in the polls and on, yet I don't know if I've actually watched them play. Mississippi at Kentucky - Sat 4:00p, MSG (SEC Network)

Today is "Bracket Busters" day on ESPN et al., so today is a good opportunity to see Murray State. Do I take them deep in the tourney, or not? Right now I'm thinking, no. Saint Mary's at Murray State - Sat 6:00, ESPN

NHL - No sport am I more out of the loop (relative to my average) than the NHL. I have no clue what's going on. This is what happens when the Carolina Hurricanes are out of the hunt, I suppose. Carolina at NY Islanders - Sat 7:00p, FS Carolinas

But, but, Sunday is Hockey Day in America! Meh. Hockey Day in Canada was last weekend. Regardless, I'm happy to see the Minnesota Wild get an NBC game for once, even if it's against Boston. Boston at Minnesota - Sun 3:30p, NBC

But, but, NHL Center Ice is on free preview this weekend! True, and I have used this opportunity to watch teams that don't get a lot of air time on NBC Sports, etc...for a few minutes, anyway, before flipping back to basketball and/or going to bed early. I probably won't be watching much hockey between now and the playoffs. Sorry, it's true. I'm not as into it as I was a few years ago.

Auto racing - Hey, NASCAR is back! In case I don't feel like writing one of these next weekend, I better get my thoughts on Daytona and the coming season out of the way...

Two-car drafts! NASCAR is trying to get rid of these, but I don't know how effective that'll be.

Danica Patrick! I think she'll do pretty well at Daytona (depending on who her drafting partner ends up being) and then not so well after that. I know she's planning on running a few Sprint Cup races this year, but I forget which ones.

Meaningless predictions! Seriously, why does anyone try to predict who is going to win the championship, the Daytona 500, or anything else in NASCAR? How could anyone have predicted that Trevor Bayne would win the Daytona 500, or that Tony Stewart would win five Chase races and the championship after winning zero in the regular season? Success isn't determined so much by "skill" (which is more evident in other sports and is visible in every single game) as by what goes on behind the scenes, technologically speaking, out of the public eye. And there is so much randomness involved in a single race, especially a restrictor plate race (or however they're limiting horsepower now that they've switched to fuel injection)...really, who knows. NASCAR Sprint Cup Bud Shootout - Sat 8:00p, FOX


James Allen said...

Over/under on #48 crew chief suspensions this year? Already going to get one.

Spartangoogle said...

Here come the Spartans - always a threat to go deep into the tournament!