Monday, February 20, 2012

The Obligatory Winter Weather Report

Any time winter weather strikes the Triangle, or even so much as threatens to, I blog about it!

The general forecast consensus was that yesterday's storm would give us mostly rain to start, then a mix in the evening, then all snow overnight, resulting in accumulations of around an inch. I'd say that's about what happened. Based on the drive back from Wake Forest at around 9 PM last night (that was a fun drive, let me tell you), northern Wake County got more snow than we did at our house. Here at home, it was pretty much all gone by morning. We might have gotten half an inch, maybe. (RDU airport, a few miles east of us, recorded 0.9".)

One thing we haven't had to deal with yet is whether our day care would open late, or not at all, on a day such as this. But today is Presidents Day, so just like on Martin Luther King Day, our day care is closed anyway. (I'm taking the day off as well.)

Well, if nothing else, the winter weather drought is over! Not only was this our first frozen precipitation of the season, it was the first time snow was even so much as a remote possibility.

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