Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sports Saturday: 1/28/12

This would be an appropriate time to talk about the passing of Joe Paterno, but, I don't know what I can really add to what is already out there. And, I admit, while I am obviously saddened, it hasn't affected me as much as it's affected many of my Penn State bretheren. It might be a different story were I still in State College and surrounded by the Penn State culture, but I never met Paterno, nor have any stories about how he "inspired" me or whatnot. For me, he really was just the football coach. For many others, however, he was so much more.

And, that's that.

College basketball - Generally speaking, all of the professional sports teams I follow suck. Thank goodness for Florida State athletics! Obviously, I'm talking about football and men's basketball, but I should also mention that the women's volleyball team made the Final Four this season.

While it's easy to take the football team's success for granted (the 1990s ain't coming back, folks), we're nowhere near that point in basketball. I've never been more excited about Leonard Hamilton and this team. Yeah, I was kind of critical a few weeks ago when I said "they just don't have a clue", but that was before they beat North Carolina and Duke. (And Maryland and Wake Forest, too. I was a little concerned they might drop the ball against Wake this week.)

Part of my beef was that FSU's last second plays for the tie/win almost always fail. But against Duke, Michael Snaer made a buzzer-beating three for the win. Finally, they got one! What was the difference? They didn't have any timeouts left! It came immediately after Duke tied the game with 5 seconds left, and with no interruption in play, so the defense wasn't set, allowing Snaer (considered the team's best scorer) to get open. When FSU calls a timeout in these situations, the defense knows what's coming (Snaer will get the ball, won't pass, and put up a bad shot) and can be prepared. If I were Hamilton, I wouldn't call timeout next time they're in this situation. Just let 'em play. Disclaimer: I am not qualified to be a college basketball head coach.

Florida State does not play this weekend, and neither does Penn State, so it's a good time to broaden my horizons. (By the way, NC State fans: did you really think you were going to beat Carolina this week?)
St. John's at Duke - Sat 12:00p, ESPN
Wake Forest at Clemson - Sat 12:00p, WRAL (ACC Network)
West Virginia at Syracuse - Sat 1:00p, ESPNU
Mississippi State at Florida - Sat 1:30p, MSG (SEC Network)
Virginia Tech at Maryland - Sat 2:30p, WRAL (ACC Network)
Kentucky at LSU - Sat 4:00p, MSG (SEC Network
Bowling Green at Eastern Michigan - Sat 6:00p, STO
Virginia at NC State - Sat 8:00p, ESPN2
Michigan at Ohio State - Sun 1:00p, CBS
Georgia Tech at North Carolina - Sun 6:00p, ESPNU


Last year, I was super excited about the NHL All-Star game. It was here in Raleigh, and it was the first year in which the players pick the teams themselves, fantasy draft style. This year? Meh.
NHL All-Star Skills Competition Thingy - Sat 7:00p, NBC Sports
NHL All-Star Game - Sun 4:00p, NBC Sports

Auto racing

It's the 24 Hours of Daytona (Sat 3:30p and Sun 9:00a, SPEED)! Yeah, we'll see how bored I am this weekend.


Spartangoogle said...

If you start to get disillusioned by the 'Noles (hopefully they will continue to win in the ACC), you can always root for the Spartans.

allen_t said...

Not the Spartans, the Bonnies.