Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sports Saturday: 1/21/12

NFL - One thing I like about the NFL playoffs, as opposed to other playoffs, is that it's not a huge time commitment (at least relative to other sports) to watch the ENTIRE playoffs. 11 games over five weekends? Yeah, I can do that. (Especially with a DVR!) This is one reason why the NFL gets such fantastic TV ratings. You can't possibly watch every playoff game in other sports. (Well, I suppose you could...) Seven-game series are too spread out and take too long to finish. With the NFL, everyone gathers in one place, at one time. That helps it make for great "water cooler" talk, too, because chances are, a lot of other people were watching as well. 9 PM weeknight games! NASCAR and golf are pretty much the only other sports that play at Chris-friendly times. Even the Super Bowl (TM) will be over around 10 PM, which isn't unreasonable. There's no question which sport has the best playoff system.

My primary rooting interest this weekend is that we don't end up with another Patriots/Giants Super Bowl (TM). Not because it wouldn't be a good game, but because I'm a fan of anything that's 1) different and 2) not located between Philadelphia and Boston, inclusive.

AFC Championship: Baltimore at New England - Sun 3:00p, CBS
NFC Championship: NY Giants at San Francisco - Sun 6:30p, FOX

College basketball - Florida State has, at times, looked awful this year. Against North Carolina last Saturday, however, they looked great! FSU can be a dangerous team when they're making their shots. (Yes, you could say that for pretty much any team.)

The best part about beating North Carolina or Duke? Living in the area, I get to listen to the local fallout all week! Locally, North Carolina and Duke are in the news most often not when they win, but when they lose. Truly spoiled fan bases we have here. So losing by 33 (I still can't believe the final score, by the way) to Florida State is unacceptable! Ha! It's been a good week. Let's do it again this week! Florida State at Duke - Sat 4:00p, ESPN

Penn State is clearly going nowhere this season, so I've been watching other Big Ten teams more often instead, such as Michigan State, and resurgent Indiana. Purdue at Michigan State - Sat 12:00p, ESPN; Penn State at Indiana - Sun 12:00p, BTN

NHL - I think it's time to start talking trades. The Carolina Hurricanes traded a couple of minor leaguers this week, but I imagine more changes are on the way between now and the trade deadline, whenever that is. (What, you expect me to know these things? I've never professed to be a hockey expert.) Carolina at NY Islanders - Sat 7:00p, FS Carolinas

By the way, my decision to not renew NHL Center Ice has proven to be a good one. I wouldn't have been able to get my money's worth this year. There are a few teams I would like to get to watch more often (Florida, Winnipeg), but I'll live.

(This weekend's nationally televised games: NYR/BOS - Sat 1:00p, NHLN; SJ/VAN - Sat 4:00p, NHLN; MTL/TOR - Sat 7:00p, NHLN; WSH/PIT - Sun 12:30, NBC)

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Spartangoogle said...

Good for the 'Noles!
I wonder if the Spartan fans in Michigan have developed the bad attitude of the Duke/UNC loyalists in your area? Hope not.