Thursday, January 12, 2012

License Plate Registration Stickers: 2013 Edition

The first of the year is always an exciting time to be a license plate geek in North Carolina. It means the debut of a new set of registration stickers!

In North Carolina, the registration stickers are a different color every year, and there is no discernable pattern. And unlike some of these other dumb license plate games that I play, this game is guaranteed to have a swift and timely conclusion. Because eventually, every car will have one of these stickers! (Well, every car that is caught up on its annual safety inspection, at least.)

Starting from the year before I moved to North Carolina, the colors have been as follows:

2005: blue
2006: red
2007: green
2008: blue
2009: purple
2010: green
2011: goldenrod
2012: red

Now it's time to reveal the 2013 color! I saw one speed by last weekend while on a bike ride, but it's not official until I get a close-up picture...

Blue it is! Blue hasn't been used in five years, and it's a standard color, so it's a pretty logical choice.

As for 2014, I think green and purple are both viable candidates. Or, will they do like they did in the "goldenrod" year and break out with something completely unexpected and...shall we say, out of the blue?

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