Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So...I'm having a really hard time blogging about Marla's baptism. For one, the topic of baptism is something I've talked about before. And, Marla's baptism pretty much went perfectly - no drama, no crying, no nothing. Marla was very well-behaved throughout the whole thing. (Such a wonderful little child, she is.) And, we have a video of the baptism, which we will be publishing eventually (next week?). So, that's that! Instead, let's talk about the "after party".

We had about 15 people, friends and family, over at our house for lunch after the baptism. I'm pretty sure this is the first time there have ever been more than, say, 8 people in our house simultaneously, ever. (Or at least since we bought it three years ago. Speaking of which, we moved into our house exactly three years ago today!) Suffice to say, we don't entertain much. But this was a good a time as any to give it a try.

Alright, I'll come clean here: Amber did the vast majority of the work. That is, the food preparation and cleaning, which is pretty much what it comes down to. And she did an outstanding job.

The tricky part isn't so much the execution, it's the planning. For example, what kinds of food do you serve? How do you make everyone happy? Can you make everyone happy? I'm a fairly picky eater myself, so from experience I know for certain that the answer is "no". But that didn't stop us from trying, of course. We had healthy options (soup and salad) and yummy desserts (courtesy of my Aunt Wendy), which I think went over well. Hopefully both the health-conscious and the people who don't really care as much about that sort of thing were all satisfied with the food selection.

The drink options, we were less confident in. Now...I've noticed something whenever I go to a party or organized something-or-other involving a variety of soda. Usually, the ratio of regular soda to diet soda is something like 3:1. Then, almost always, the diet soda is the first to run out. Why don't these people provide more diet soda? With that in mind, and knowing our family and friends, we had ONLY diet soda available. I don't know whether that was a winning formula or not, though. (By the way, we had Coke Zero and Diet Coke available, in equal quantities, and the Coke Zero ran out first. Coke Zero FTW!)

There were also some details we hadn't thought of in advance. For example, ice. Good thing my brother asked for ice the previous afternoon, because only then did we realize that our ice trays were empty. Not having ice at a lunch party would have been kind of embarrassing.

Aside from the food, it was easy, really. The football game in one room, and Marla in the other room, provided plenty of entertainment for all.

So, for those of you who came to the baptism and/or lunch party on Sunday, thanks a bunch! We really appreciated it. Hopefully we did an okay job as hosts. By the way, suggestions for improvement are appreciated. We won't be offended. This was our first time.


Shannon said...

You guys did great! And there was plenty of tummy options, entertainment, and ice. Thanks for having us over :)

shannon said...

Yummy* ugh. Smartphone fail.

Spartangoogle said...

We have lots of snapshots if you want copies...electronic or print.
When we have "pot luck" at work and I sign up for soft drinks, I used to get half diet and half regular. Now no one drinks the regular (except my Brain Brawl team who will eat/drink anything I provide.)